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Originally Posted by big al hunter View Post
To answer another question posted....If the guide is confident in his choice of 9mm, and it is hard cast, not hollow points. I would be comfortable going with him, with my friends and family. Fishing, not hunting.
I understand the point you are making. But there is a big difference between 9mm and 44mag hardcast... maybe triple the power, which would benefit you greatly if you are charged with no warning from a short distance. I know which one I'm never taking. This bear did not DRT, it manuevered quite a bit, flailing and swatting and eventually ran off and collapsed.

And I am not trying to argue, but many people have been ripped apart for reasons other than being on a hunting trip. People get mauled, buried and pooped on by the big bears, not because they are hunting them, it is cause the bear closed the distance on them... for reasons only known to the bear.

And I do not ridicule anyone who goes unarmed. I traveled the Dalton a few times up to Prudhoe Bay and talked to many of the bicyclists that are armed only with full body mosquito nets while they ride and they have all had a completely different mindset than myself. I've also come across frantic hikers begging for help. But I do understand that not everyone has to be armed to the max all the time and they can have just as great a time. Not minding if your family or friend's goes with a guide who appears competent with a 9mm isn't a death sentence, but it could be. That is enough for me to stick with my gut, but I'm not going to disrespect anyone who thinks otherwise.
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