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'DRT' is a synonym for 'OSS' -...
I had never heard the term OSS used to mean "one shot stop" until that post. DRT I have heard used for decades as a slang term.

In my world OSS (in capital letters) is the abbreviation for the Office of Strategic Services. the clandestine organization that became the CIA after WWII. In your world, its clearly something else.

Every short 2,3,4 (or more) letter combination has multiple meanings, dozens possibly much more, depending on context and what group is using it. "Text speak" on phones has its own set, so does each industry, the military "runs on them", and "etc."!!

And that's just in English. Add in other languages and any "letter code group" can have hundreds of possible meanings.

UNLESS you have an "official" designation, then I am the HMFIC of deciding what I read means, as you are, for you.

Dictionary definitions are useful, for many things, but are NOT the be all, end all arbiter of all terminology. Read their "disclaimer" section, they will state, somewhere, in some fashion, that they give definitions as found "in common use". They also often give definitions found in "historical use". Those can be different. Also different are the use definitions in specific contexts.

What pops into your mind when you see "RAM"?? is it to collide with something? A male sheep? A Dodge truck? Random Access Memory??? something else??? What about "SS"?? Social Security? Secret Service? Schutzstaffel? stainless steel? or perhaps "stir, slowly"?

Its a wonderful, complex, confusing world today, and it doesn't seem to be getting any simpler.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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