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Originally Posted by jfruser
Sure, the LEO was notified and had representation when a regular citizen would get neither. Are any of y'all naïve enough to think it would happen otherwise?
I believe you are incorrect. Multiple articles (including one of those I linked to) have reported that in this case the petitioner (the grieving mother) elected to bypass the initial, same-day, ex parte hearing and to proceed directly to the full hearing at which the respondant/defendant was allowed to be represented.

See post #22:

Susan Holmes discovered a loophole in Colorado’s Red Flag ERPO law that allowed her to bypass the initial Temporary ERPO hearing. The way it’s supposed to work is a Temp hearing would be scheduled within 24 hours of her filing, where the judge would determine based on a preponderance of evidence if the facts on the petition were true or not, and he would either approve or deny the Temp ERPO order.
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