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Originally Posted by dogtown tom
They should have named it "Operation Doing The Job We We're Supposed To Have Been Doing For Decades"
It's a bold strategy, Cotton, let's see if it pays off for 'em. Enforcing laws that have been on the books for decades? Give them full credit for thinking outside the box.

Originally Posted by Mike38
Except, the fact that a woman could lie, just to get even with "the old man" and he instantly looses his gun rights. It's happened, more than once in Illinois.
That's a flaw in the system, but if the old man's lawyer can't get the protective order blocked or removed, the law nonetheless says that the old man is a prohibited person. IMHO we can't be hypocrites. We constantly complain that we don't need new gun laws until they enforce the ones on the books and see if that makes a difference. Well -- here's a U.S. attorney who wants to enforce one of the laws that are on the books.

I feel sorry for any innocent men (or women) who might get Hoovered up in this but, overall, I can't legitimately object to a U.S. attorney prosecuting people who break the law.
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