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Originally Posted by pblanc View Post
I like the SIG Romeo 5. I have two of the regular 2 MOA dot reticle models. I also have one Romeo 5 xdr which offers a circle-dot reticle as well and runs off a single AAA battery instead of the usual button battery. All have functioned perfectly. The motion-detection, instant-on feature works very well and the dot remains pretty free of starburst at higher intensities. The regular SIG Romeo 5 comes with a riser that provides for an exact co-witness with back-up sights. The Romeo 5 xdr comes with the same height riser but also a thin spacer so that you can set it up for either an exact co-witness (without the spacer) or a lower one third co-witness (with the spacer) with your open sights.

I also have a 1X Vortex Spitfire prism scope which offers either red or green illumination of the etched reticle. It has worked pretty well, but I have had some intermittent flickering of illumination intensity now and again. It would be a good choice of unmagnified optic for an individual with uncorrected or uncorrectable astigmatism, but it is considerably larger and heavier than a micro-sized reflex red dot. There is no instant-on illumination feature, but the reticle remains visible in black with illumination off.
Good post.

The Spitfire has a lifetime transferable warranty so you can send it in to get the flickering problem fixed.

I bought one used that flickers occasionally so I contacted them and they said send it in and they will take care of it.
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