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I don't get the whole "it has to be a striker" thing. I have both striker fired guns and those that have hammers. IMO it doesn't make a difference in the performance of the individual gun. Triggers can always be improved over those on a stock pistol and I personally have no issues with the whole DA/SA transition that so many like to complain about. In fact I like because if I have to pull out my gun in a defensive situation, I think the first pull of the trigger being a bit heavier would make me less likely to accidentally fire. Of course I actually practice with my guns and am familiar with the triggers and controls.

OTH, if all you use your gun as mainly a range toy, when you install the magazine and release the slide, you will be firing single action anyway so you will get the benefit of the lighter trigger anyway.

I am not personally familiar with the choices the OP presented in his opening post, but if he wants a .45 caliber pistol with a safety, my vote goes to a HK USP 45. I have the full size version and while it is a large gun, it fits my smaller sized hands perfectly and is very, very accurate. It also has the benefit of having both a safety and a decocker that is very easy to manipulate.

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