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Give me feedback on a .45

I am looking into a striker .45 with a thumb rest. Why? I haven't had a .45 in a long time and strikers with thumb safeties fit my hand naturally.

I am finding 3 options: Ruger American, Ruger SR and the M&P.

The SR45 is the cheapest of the 3, under $300 through Buds, but its thumb safety is a tiny little nub. The Ruger and the M&P are $450-500. If I want to upgrade the trigger, which I usually do if I like a gun, there are many options for the M&P, and Galloway Precision offers what seems like a complete trigger system overhaul for the SR but just a striker guide replacement for the American series.

What are your experiences with these 3? Is there a reason for a small-handed, trigger-picky but financially limited shooter whose thumb always finds the slide release to pick one over the other 2? (And please don't advise me to change my grip. If I modify my grip then I lose the excuse to buy a .45). I have shot a rental M&P 2.0 but the other two are not available at local ranges.

Thanks, and have a great first day of 2020!
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