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Sure is beautiful!

As an aside - I got into the woodworking stuff back in 2007 - in preparation for retirement.
My wife and I rehab houses & rent them.
I needed the WW'ing stuff for remodels and whatnot.
My first shop pieces - jigs & fixtures ans such were - to be kind, crude. I started looking at what other, far more gifted and experienced people had & came to the understanding that ..

Shop jigs & fixtures have one thing in common with reloading/handloading.

You don't really spend more money or invest more time in making the utilitarian stuff for the shop look like fine furniture!
Just like reloads - why settle for "range stuff" when it doesn't cost you anymore to turn out "premium" ammo?

*yeah - I know - not 100% accurate because of the materials & finishing involved - but - y'all catch my drift.
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