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Entirely different requirements…reloading and gun-smithing. I have two separate benches for both, my reloading bench is cramped with (4) presses so there is no room to do anything other than load. In a separate room I have the cleaning bench with a toolbox full of tools I need at any given time, this also serves as my gun-smithing bench…everything is within reach, would rather have both in one room, but neither room is large enough for both operations. The last house we had my reloading/gun room was 15x30 and I had more room than I needed (something I thought I would ever say), but still had two separate benches, as Sevens mentioned the loading bench can get cluttered, although it sounds like his is pretty bad. My last loading bench was 18’ long and with the presses, tools, scales, etc. there still wasn’t enough room for me to clean a gun…pistol yes, but not the skeet guns.
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