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I find the entire concept ridiculous. Trump gets in front of the cameras and talks about the US leading the world in space. Who's he kidding besides himself? We've been paying the Russians to take us up to the International Space Station for years now. We can't send our people up by ourselves, we need the Russians to take us there. I think the US would be a lot further ahead just getting a vehicle platform to get our astronauts into space. Right now it's "Space Farce".
It's electioneering..the USAF, along with other service members in their staff, already has a 'Space Force'..'Space Command'..the 'new service' gig is just an expensive, election driven, exercise.

BUT, a "Space Command" or 'Space Force" does a whole lot more than send astronauts to the ISS or even the moon.

"Tools not Trophies”

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