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Right now it's "Space Farce".
So? Right now, its a concept. Not even really born yet. If it's a farce because a fully formed, staffed and equipped service branch did not spring fully formed from the forehead of Zeus then its a farce.

But I see it as a baby step, creating something other than NASA with a vested interest in space. Yes, we've been paying other people to put our guys in space for some time now, BECAUSE earlier administrations simply decided not to spend the money needed to keep our own space "industry" going.

Much of what Verne wrote as science fiction, today we have. What today's sci-fi writers have written, someday we might have, but only if we keep going for it.

Certainly however it is handled, some people will think its wrong. Probably some mistakes will be made. But the point is, we're doing something, where before, we weren't.

What will the weapons be? Micro-gravity means the usefulness of conventional firearms will be limited. Perhaps a reviving of the Gyro-Jet rocket gun might be something with utility. Certainly it adds a new dimension to "handling recoil".
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