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People voted, but not enough to overcome the more dense blue districts after court-manipulation of those districts.
Exactly. Both parties fielded uncontested candidates in Virginia, and elsewhere. Why waste campaign funds in districts where you know you have no chance of winning?

Here in southwest Virginia the Democrats typically lose big, with Republicans consistently gathering 65-90% of the vote every election. I love to see the Democrats waste their money with expensive campaigns here, and I certainly don't blame Republicans for not running in pure blue districts. Campaign funds should be focused on purple districts where voting may be close and you have a chance of winning. Fielding a Republican candidate in an ultra pure blue district is nice in principle, but is like punching a brick wall - you may not like it being there but you are just going to get bloody knuckles. Funnel the money to where it will do the most good.

Also you have the option of voting "None of the above" by voting but leaving a specific race blank.
In NJ, the bad guys are armed and the households are alarmed. In VA, the households are armed and the bad guys are alarmed.
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