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Yes, it definitely happens here in PA also. Large cities like Philidelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg, definitely don't agree with the wants of the rest of the state.

Alas, too many politicians see it as a carreer. Thus, looking out for their own advancement, instead of serving the will of the people.
When was the last time any of us was asked by their representatives how you wanted them to vote on an issue?

As for the current state of VA.
The 2nd is to protect the people from the government.
At a time when our own federal government is calling itself tyrannical, the newly elected (not yet in office) are pre-empting bills that do just that.
Then to top it off with claims that local laws do not trump state laws, while forgetting that federal laws trump state laws seems a course of madness.

And lest we forget, there are threats from the newly elected (not yet in office) to call out the VA National Guard to put down their own populace.
Here's a clue.. The VA National Guard is made up of Virginians themselves. It's not like your gonna man it with people from CA.
When our own government declares itself as "tyrannical", where does that leave us??!!
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