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I noted with GREAT interest as the author was working with the AR at 33+grain water volume vs 37+ for the Legend.
He was also working with QuickLoad as am I.
He was also working with Lil`Gun loadings that were entire consistent with extrapolation of my own from experience w/ the 200gr Lee RF and 38 special cases out of a 357 Mag rifle.

EVERYthing/EVERY powder/EVERY bullet/EVERY loadout I've tried were Utterly Predictable/reliable....Save Lil'Gun"
I'm thinking that powder load is reasonable--in and of itself I don't think it would generate dangerous pressure. Instead--I'm wondering if the bullet was "stoppered" at the mouth/throat and ran up the start pressure so high it simply expanded the longish and mostly unsupported case head? My gut feeling is that you can't safely stray very far from winchester's bullet profile for the 350L chamber.
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