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That's one of the really irritating things about their "premature release" IMO--they list only a handful of pistol powders. Understandable to some extent since the bore IS a 9mm Luger bore slowed down, but I'm not convinced the powders necessarily are optimal. So we are to some extent wildcatters.

I tried a few test loads of berry's .357 158 gr RN's using H110 yesterday and had horrible results also--but I had completely forgotten that they use a very thin unbonded jacket. Guess who's in the penalty box this morning spending hours de-coppering their barrel?

A very kind forum member sent me a 350 legend magazine to further my "adventures"--I'm going to size Speer's 358 hotcores down to 357 and work up a load. Because the case has a taper to it--I trimmed my starline cases back to 1.701 making sure I used lee's included neck expanded both before and after the trim--otherwise the Lyman pilot easily gets stuck (I don't have a 350 L case holder for my Wilson case trimmer).

I'm still trying to figure out the "deer legal .357" state specs versus the actual .355 factory ammo that's being offered. IMO somebody is pulling someone's leg.

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