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Thanks. Chances are I probably caused less than optimal barrel bore conditions by having the gas completely shut down--I'll go out soon (snow storm in progress) and blow off the rest of the hornady stuff to see if things improve (notice it averaged almost 50 fps faster than they rate it). I'll start reloading soon too. Any nice recipes you know of?

The Faxon barrel was a tight fit in the aero upper--just the way I like them. The rex selenium comp fits nicely with it's thread adaptor--first time I've used one. I re-used a hiperfire trigger from a previous build. The best "new" part for me was the magpie fixed stock--at $29 a super bargain for a stock with no wiggle and somewhat shorter LOP than most other alternatives that are rifle buffer length. I'll be getting more of them for future builds.

I'd be reluctant to use the 350 legend on sizable game much past 150 yds based on the ballistics I've seen so far--I'm a bit skeptical of bullet opening/penetration performance as the velocity drops quickly.
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