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Originally Posted by rep1954 View Post
So then a rifle with a barrel of 16" and a 26" plus overall length is still a rifle or been turned into a AOW?
Read the ATF definition of a rifle:

It’s also helpful to read ATF ruling 2011-4:

In short, if a receiver was first assembled as a rifle, it will always be a rifle (or a short-barreled rifle if the overall length is less than 26” or the barrel is shorter than 16”). If the receiver was first assembled as a pistol, you could turn it into a generic “firearm” or an AOW, and I described the way to do both in previous posts in this thread.

I think you may be overthinking this. I encourage you to look at the ATF’s website, they have all the various definitions of the different types of firearms. The easiest way to do that is to Google “ATF definition [insert firearm type here]”. If a firearm meets those definitions, then that’s what it is. If the firearm doesn’t meet any of the definitions of any of those firearms, then it’s either a generic “firearm” or an NFA “AOW” (that stands for any other weapon). Generally, the difference between a generic “firearm” and an AOW is whether it’s designed to look like a non-firearm (cane guns, guns in wallet holsters that can be fired from inside the holster, etc.) or whether it’s concealable (pistol-grip-only shotguns under 26” OAL, pistols with VFGs under 26”, etc.).

Originally Posted by rep1954 View Post
Anything I read on rifles seems to indicate it is a gun that can be fired from the shoulder. Dose a handgun become a rifle at the point it's barrel is 16" or longer and it's OAL 26" plus or when you attach a shoulder stock to it or both.
Like I already pointed out, there is no overall length limit to a pistol. A pistol becomes a rifle at the point where you add a stock to it.
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