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Originally Posted by pwc View Post
If this is caused by the diesel effect, yhen why hasn't it been seen, over the years, before in other slo- mo vids? What is the particular "fuel mixture" cause with this bullet caliber / rifle, hel composition, weather condition that would cause that? Surely, one of the bullet / powder mfgrs could find out.
It has been documented for quite some time, numerous videos exist dating back 5, 6, 7 or more years. A little google-fu turns up lots of videos like this one:

The fuel mixture is the paraffinic oil vapor that arises under the reduced vapor pressure and atmospheric O2 produced by the bullet's entry into the test medium, compression (thanks to the ideal gas law) increases pressure as the temporary cavity collapses and by extension of that law temperature increases proportionally causing auto-ignition to occur.
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