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I wouldnt toss them, i would want to know whats wrong. Take a sharpie and turn them black, You said you had lots that didnt fit. Make sure they all dont fit for the same reason, or at least most of them.
Run them through the case gauge again to see where the problem is. You'll see a rub where they are oversized.

With my 9mm brass, I just keep shooting it. My case gauge tells me when they are perfect. My barrel isn't near as fussy and I use it for my 9mm instead of the gauge.
If you have more than one .40 pistol then use the tightest chamber in place of the gauge if the cases proves that it's just hard brass.
If they start sticking in it, then pitch the ones that are sticking. If you find any that are splitting, then pitch them all, being they are unknown to you.
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