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Semantics, I guess. To me, if it doesn't automatically advance the shell plate it's not a "progressive" press.
Semantics or "time and space". I have two Dillon RL450s purchased in 1984 (I think). They were marketed as a progressive press. Ya gotta get your head around the times. Back then the Dillon 450 was a big deal. It was the only "progressive" available that didn't cost an arm, a leg (and promissory note on your first born). Everything else fell into the category of commercial ammo production.

Yes, considering automatic advance features on machines today, calling a RL450/BL550 a "progressive" seems almost inappropriate.

Since I was down memory lane, I just looked at my old RL450 manual and they have prices listed for carbide sizing dies for 9MM and 45ACP at $70!! While today's three die sets sell for $69.95.
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