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Well, a lot of gun magazines have come and gone, but I still have the one containing this article: "Old West Pistol Performance", for HANDLOADER magazine, #244, December 2006. In the article, Mike Venturino used the RCBS 44-200-FN RN/FP cast bullet for his 44-40 experiments. Modern cases will not contain the same volume of powder as original cases, but Mike was able to pack 36 grains of Swiss FFFg powder into Winchester cases to obtain 1,011 fps with only 21 fps variation and, "really snappy!", recoil.
In my view, it's one of Mike's very best articles, and if you are really interested in doing some of this, you simply must buy the magazine for that one article alone. Mike goes into every detail you need to do it right; my comments here only scratch the surface. Buy it here:
In the article, the 45 Colt performance was quite impressive as well. Just buy the magazine......
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