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The OP here. As promised, I'm reporting my progress. I believe I have solved the problem of my prone position shots constantly missing right. Today at the range, my shots from prone position were on target. Not as tight a group as I would like, but centered, i.e., not off to the right.

Over the past 2 weeks I've practiced keeping my elbows tucked in and finding my NPOA. It was uncomfortable at first, but eventually it sunk in.

Placing my left elbow inline or slightly inside of my left shoulder, thus supinating my left hand, helped but it wasn't the only thing. I also had to tuck my right elbow in, but not as much. My right elbow is now inline or just slightly outside of my right shoulder.

It took a lot of dry fire practice (without actually firing) until I finally settled into this position. And it seems to work. This practice also seems to have had a residual benefit, as my shooting from off-hand and kneeling positions are much improved too.

I am very pleased with my results today at the range.

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