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Does anyone have any insight or advice about the support arm position in rifle prone position? I say, a supinated support arm is the way to go. Yes or No?
The problem is follow through. If you have an "improper" position, which most people do, then after the shot, you relax, and when the support arm is at an angle, it would fall to the right (or left for left handed shooters).

If the support arm is straight up, balanced then it shouldn't go left or right.

A sling helps but does not cure the problem.

To prevent the problem is a proper position. By this I mean, you are in a total relaxed state when the hammer falls. Meaning you wont relax moving the rifle, because it is already in the spot it would be after you relax.

Having the arm directly under the rifle helps, as I said, but it would help more with a correct position.

To test this, aim your rifle, using your best position. Then without moving, close your eyes, take a couple normal breaths, then at the bottom of the breathing cycle, let the hammer fall. Without moving, open your eyes and see if you're perfectly lined up with the target.

If not, work on your position.
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