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The last comment is the dividing line. If you are shooting prone without a sling, having the support arm vertical minimizes muscle influence. If you have a tight sling, though, your have the least muscle influence at the angle where the pull of the sling and the pull of gravity balance on your hand. In either case, if you shut your eyes and relax a bit, then open them again, the gun will have moved a little in whatever direction is opposite the one you are muscling it toward. Try to adjust your position so you can close your eyes for a little and still have the sights on target when you open them again. This is called your natural point of aim, and the position that gives it to you best is the one you want to use.

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that, assuming you are right-handed, low and right is where rifle shots tend to land when you are yanking on the trigger or pulling down on the gun with an angled forearm to try to counter recoil. Let the gun shoot, don't force it.
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