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Support Arm Supination

As a new shooter (this year) and having taken basic training classes in handgun, rifle, and shotgun, I have been practicing the lessons my trainer taught at a local range once a week.

One particular marksmanship problem I've had is shooting my rifle in prone position. All of my shots miss to the right, at about the 3:00 position. This doesn't happen when I shoot my rifle in off-hand postion, which is strange since prone is more stable than off-hand. Something has been wrong with my prone position.

Recently I watched an instructional video on YouTube published by Ruger Firearms. The instructor advised that the shooter's support arm should be as vertical as possible. I realized I wasn't doing that. My support arm was at a 45 degree angle.

Today at the range, I tried this technique and realized that it means my support arm should be supinated --- rotated so the palm is facing upward. Doing this, I was able to hit a 100 yard metal target about 70% of the time (using iron sights). That's not great but much better than my previous attempts.

Does anyone have any insight or advice about the support arm position in rifle prone position? I say, a supinated support arm is the way to go. Yes or No?
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