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Hehehe, my local gunsmith who served in Vietnam who recently just cleaned up my M14 trigger and mounted/installed a Leupold MK IV on a parts gun I had built (with a Gene Barnett barrel) was issued the M14 in Nam. He referred to the M16 and AR-15s as Mattel pieces. I guess many guys called them Mattel tinker toys back in Nam, because of the plastic feeling handgaurds and their light weight. He said he never got into AR-15s. He didn't give up his M14 in Vietnam either. He said qualification for the M14 back then was 500 yards.

I guess it's like anything else. Once you get accustomed to something...change is hard. I'm a low end torque Detroit muscle engine engine kind of guy, and even though they make turbo charged 4 banger cars that go mighty fast, I can't get away from my gas guzzling V8s that lack top end, but can rip hell and smoke tires to oblivion just off idle.

BTW, 168gr Federal Gold Match shot a .4" 3 shot group @ 100 yards after he tuned it up. Considering the bullets are .308"....hehehe, I would say that's pretty good? Before I went to pick up my rifle I asked him how did it shoot? He said "I'll let you be the judge of that". Made me wonder if it shot like crap or I had something to brag about...but had a feeling it would be good after he turned my Taurus PT1911 into something that can shoot smiley faces around a Les Baer. (Retired Master GunSmith for Kimber)
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