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A couple of days ago, a guy came into my LGS and claimed he ate, slept and used the latrine in Vietnam with has Mattel M16. He even went so far as to say that he couldn't believe Mattel made them
I can't fathom a vet saying something like that. Sounds to me like he was never there...there are a lot of dirtbags around who claim to be Vietnam Vets, who weren't, aren't and never will be...I'd shun him like the liar he probably is.

I was there as a FAC in '69-70, lived, fought and supported 5th Special Forces personnel out of An Loc, lll Corps. I was issued a CAR 15 and the Berets had the 16. None of us had any problems with the guns; but then we kept them clean and took care of the magazines; loading one less than the textbook capacity. But by '69, the "dirty powder ammo" and lack of cleaning kits problems had been sorted out.

As to the M14/M16 controversy, I'd say in defense of the 16, that fully automatic fire (not the 3 round burst) was easily doable, but the same could not be said about the M14 without the heavy barrel and bipod. And we used the 16 at distances that rarely stretched beyond 100 m, and most often much closer.

Cherish our flag, honor it, defend what it stands for in word and deed, or get the hell out. Our Freedoms are not free, they've been paid for many times over by heros in uniform. We owe them and our children, the best that we can do.

USAF FAC, 5th Spl Forces, An Loc, lll Corps, RVN, 69-70, Vietnam Vet '69-'73
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