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tinnitus can be cause by an infection or other causes, but the normal ringing in your ear that dissapates after several minutes caused by loud noise, from what i was taught in school, is trauma to your eardrum, its the piece of your hair cell breaking off and causing your brain to send the sound signal of that hair cell for several minutes, these hair cell tend to grow back within a few days so its not to worry too much about

but you can traumatize your ear with enough force to cause the entire bundle of hairs break at the base, you can destroy that whole spectrum of tones permanently, they wont grow back

i dont know if this is all fact, just relaying what i remember, i do know that teenagers can still hear a spectrum of pitches that us old folks cannot hear anymore, i assume due to our abuse

i think thats its probably pretty unnatural for our ears to have to compensate for anything louder than a crack of thunder, if i am ever shooting close to anyone and i am not wearing earplugs, it still very much hurts my ears, and id say thats a good sign, if it didnt hurt, i would be worried

sorry for the run-ons, my period key is broken

ps, the reason your generally hear high pitch tones is those are the thinnest hair cells, the hair cells get fatter as the tone gets lower like a stringed instrument
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