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@ David spargenator

I currently have ringing in my left ear, and will be getting compensated by the VA for it when I get discharged. What I am getting compensated for is a condition called Tinnitus. Here is a link to wiki (yes I know its Wiki, but you'll get the idea)

Also note that Im a right handed shooter so the muzzle of the rifle would be closer to my left ear... hence left ear ringing...

Anyways, as required in the Marine Corps, whenever we were on the rifle range (or any range) we had to wear ear pro. Even though I wore ear protection, my hearing is still damaged through a series of other events, like heavy equipment running constantly (I am an Engineer, and D-7 Bulldozers were loud) my hearing is still damaged.

If it is absolutely quiet, as if I'm home alone with no TV or radio on, I can hear the ringing. Even when I go to the range, and wear fitted ear pro, when I'm done shooting and I get in my truck, before I turn the keys, I can still hear ringing. If I were you, I would get an Audiogram done, because you might not have hearing loss, just tinnitus.
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