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Originally Posted by David spargenator
A couple years ago I was shooting my shotgun with no hearing protection, and after a few shots my ears started ringing every time the gun would go off. But I kept shooting for a few minutes like a moron. Now, 2 years later I shoot a 9mm with no hearing protection. And my ears ring. My ears will ring if I shoot anything more than a 22lr.
Wait, so a couple of years ago you realized what can happen when you shoot without hearing protection -- you understood at the time that it was a bad idea -- but you still do it now?

Originally Posted by David spargenator
Do I still have hearing loss from the shotgun you think?
You have hearing loss from any gun that you've ever shot without hearing protection. Every time you shoot a gun without hearing protection, even a .22 LR, you're permanently damaging your hearing. The noise of each shot breaks off microscopic hairs inside your ears that help you hear, and those hairs will never grow back. The shotgun was worse than the 9mm or .22, but they all cause permanent damage every time you pull the trigger. The effects are cumulative, so do it a few times and the damage might be small enough that you won't notice it, but over time it just gets worse and worse. And I'm no audiologist, but I'm pretty sure that if your ears ring it means it's way too late; you should have started using hearing protection a long time ago.
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