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Originally Posted by ripnbst
I'd actually recommend a Silencer Co device in .30 cal.
I agree with buying a .30 caliber can for 5.56; it's much more versatile and just a bit bigger and louder. However, I would not recommend shooting .22 through it.

Also, Silencerco doesn't make a .30 caliber suppressor yet. They're almost certainly going to eventually offer their Saker in 7.62mm, but that's probably at least a year out or more. SWR (which is owned by Silencerco but still kept separate for the most part) just came out with their Specwar 7.62, which is a very durable can with a great mount that is actually included. It's also pretty cheap as suppressors like that go. But it is fairly long; I prefer a shorter can like the SDN-6 for use on a 16" barrel.

EDIT: I just noticed that Silencerco finally absorbed SWR into their website and SWR's website now links to Silencercos's. This must be a fairly recent development. Even just about a month ago the Silencerco reps were talking about keeping SWR as a separate design philosophy; Silencerco was for unique and innovative designs, and SWR was for good, sturdy, more traditional designs. Interesting.
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