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Originally Posted by ripnbst
I myself am a fan of Silencer Co products for their modular design and ease of cleaning.
Which Silencerco products are you taking about? The only Silencerco can designed to be taken apart and cleaned is their Sparrow, which is a .22 can. The Saker 5.56 has a modular mount design, but the internals can't be taken apart for cleaning and don't need to be anyway. SWR (which is now owned by Silencerco) has a few more cans that can be disassembled, but none are center-fire rifle cans.

EDIT: I just noticed that Silencerco finally absorbed SWR into their website and SWR's website now links to Silencercos's. This must be a fairly recent development. Even just about a month ago the Silencerco reps were talking about keeping SWR as a separate design philosophy; Silencerco was for unique and innovative designs, and SWR was for good, sturdy, more traditional designs. Interesting.

Originally Posted by ripnbst
Additionally if and when you wear out the baffles you can just order more baffles, disassemble, replace baffles, and reassemble, for cheap.
This is completely incorrect: It is against federal law to have any extra baffles in your possession. You CANNOT order any extra baffles and if you found a way to get extras then you'd be breaking federal law. The ONLY way to have baffles replaced is to send the whole suppressor to the manufacturer, or to another properly licensed shop.

I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but I want to keep anyone from following potentially illegal advice.

Originally Posted by ripnbst
If you wear out the baffles on nearly any other one piece silencer it's pretty much a decoration and you need to buy another one which means tax stamp and wait allllllll over again.
Whether the suppressor can be taken apart or not, if you ever wear out the baffles you have to send the whole thing in anyway. Most manufacturers can cut open or otherwise service their cans even if they're not designed to be disassembled by the customer.
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