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Thank you both. I think I'm on the right track, given what you've posted. I did not realize that there is in fact a 10/22 model with a threaded barrel. I'm partial to Rugers, so that's looking like a good option, especially if I can set up a 10/22 (to which I'm particularly partial) and a 22/45 combination.

Now if I may bother you with a couple more questions:
1) First round pop -- This sounds self-explanatory, and perhaps it should be, but what exactly is it? First round ever through the suppressor? First round after cleaning? Is there ever a "second first round?"

2) "Rated up to 5.7" (Theohazard) -- 5.7 what? Given the decibel numbers, I don't think it's decibels, so what is it? 5.7 inches? Pounds? Never mind. Figured that one out.

Again, thanks in advance. You've been very helpful.
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