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It may change how many non C&R guns you buy when you start ordering all the C&R's that are offered.

BATF audits are pretty rare with C&R FFL license holders. I've had mine for 10 or so years without hearing from them. I've heard of some that when called for an audit appointment the agent just asked if the licensee would bring his bound book to the office for a look. The aren't supposed to do a surprise audit like they can with a class 01 FFL.
Getting, or having the class 03 C&R license isn't rteally much of a hassle. Or at least it hasn't been. Who knows what the future might bring with anything firearms related.
Just follow the instructions, and don't reaf too much into the questions, Just answer them honestly. The one that most often gets misunderstood, and people go way overboard on is if you sent a copy of the completed form to your CLEO. It doesn't say did you hand deliver it, meet with him, or kneel down on one knee, and say pretty please! It just asks if you sent a copy to his office. Sent, as in U.S. mail, not special delivery, or anything else. Copy, envelope addressed to your chief law enforcement officer, stamp, done!
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