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Most of us who have been around guns all our life and are over 50 have seen guns at what now seems like ridiculously low prices at times over the years. Especially military surplus as possum noted. Nostalgic thoughts, but just stories to tell folks now. Lots of woulda coulda shoulda stuff. Should have taken every spare dollar I had and put it into a 30 year back when interest rates spiked to 14% for a brief time early 80's, or bought stock in Apple back when the average person thought it was just something Eve gave to Adam... but who had a crystal ball? What I learned in last 10 years is not to panic and if you have the money and space, buy bulk and stack deep. Cheaper per round, and then you have them during the bust and boom scarcity cycles. I just started reloading, and plan on buying bulk bullets, powder and primer also. I've got about 200 lbs of lead I scrounged over the years that I recently poured into 1 lb bricks sitting there just waiting to be poured into 45 Colt. As others have said, IF YOU HAVE THE CASH, take advantage of deals when you run across them. Most of our "stuff" has a very long shelf life if kept dry, cool and dark. If you assume room temperature before you use it all, it can be sold at a later date.
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