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What have we learned? As many have said, not to take any of our rights for granted. I agree with those that say it's just a matter of time before the 2d, even as it stands now, will fall. It will start with states like CA, MA, NJ eating away at our rights little by little... and eventually as less and less of the younger generations own or think they don't need to own a gun, with the federal government "bowing" to the will of the voting masses. I firmly believe in my lifetime (I'm 65) a good portion of my extensive gun collection, except perhaps my flintlocks, will be illegal to own and shoot. I hope that is not so, but I am reading the tea leaves and the population shifts from rural to urban ever so slowly.

Oh... and btw, in rural PA we DID take our guns to school during hunting season to take advantage of the few hours of light in the woods after school. The only rule was they had to be unloaded and kept in our lockers. No eyebrows were raised... nobody called the police... nobody shot up the school... amazing? Of course it isn't!
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