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As individuals who value our freedoms and especially our rights to own firearms for personal liberty and security, we have learned a lot but at the same time, the human mind has a tendency to forget once a tragedy or episode of hardship is past, so we can do a refresher:
As an individual, I value freedom of the press, freedom of religion (including none), freedom of assembly, the right of ALL to vote.

All of those are deeply in peril.

I see no ownership of guns stopping banks from screwing people and creating financial crisis that affect us and not them, and contracts that require we give up all our rights to get basic services we need.

I have yet to see a gun owner step up and fight any of those that affect all of us, not the 10% who focus on one issue and forget that we are loosing our rights so rapidly that it makes your head spin.

Once the rest are gone, the 2nd follows.

As a student in my time it was not a big deal for me to take my rifle to school so that we could go hunting after school for rabbits and such.
Even growing up in bush Alaska we never took guns to school.
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