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You can take my opinion for what it's worth as someone who was where you are now some months ago. I tried the Mossbergs, the Remingtons, the Mavericks, and one you didn't mention, the low end Weatherby. I had pretty much settled on the Weatherby, but by chance a Browning BPS crossed my path. Used, but NIB, for a little more. I snapped it up, and it ranks among the best choices I've made. The ergonomics are night and day difference from the others you've mentioned. The action is so much faster that there is no comparison. The action is so smooth that even for a noob like me it doesn't alter the path of your swing. In short, it makes me better because it's that much better. The others are perfectly adequate tools, more than capable of meeting your needs. Once you pick up a piece of the gun makers art like mine( engraved and everything, geez), you'll WANT it so bad you won't be able to help yourself One more thing, it is absolutely stunning to me how fast I can empty the magazine on the gun accurately into multiple targets. I can't imagine wanting anything different in my hands in a home defense situation.
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