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Yeah, great point. A quick lateral step means that center mass chest/head shot is a flank shot or a miss. Moving to the rear just means that head or chest shot will hit you in a different spot a few inches higher perhaps. It's the same reason we don't teach crouching anymore.

As an aside, the bad guy is (statistically) more likely to shoot at the level of your firearm (because he's staring at that bore). In fact, hand/arm shots to the gun hand are quite common.

You should practice with all your movements being lateral unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, meaning basically that you are moving into more danger by moving laterally or there is good cover in some other direction.

You should also practice with lateral movement every time you draw or pause for any reason (working the gun or changing mags).

Again, I'm not criticizing. The cop lived to fight another day and the scumbag is dead. That's two wins.
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