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Academy training drilled it into our heads that nothing should be in your strong hand once you start forward towards the vehicle. If you're going to give a citation, leave the cite book on the front fender of your car or inside the car. Approach with any flashlight in your weak hand. The experienced, salty old cops, if you watched them, almost never carried anything in their gun hands, even off-duty.

Originally Posted by bds32
The officer did what most officers do now, pull the trigger as fast as you possibly can until you run out of ammo or the threat is out of range. This is how it is done time and time again in gunfights now. I'm not sure if this is what happened pre auto-loader days since I wasn't around then.
In the revolver days, a situation like this might've seen the officer fire all six. If he was well trained, perhaps only four shots. But those would likely be .357 Magnums fired a bit slower and perhaps with better aim.

Originally Posted by Catfishman
I'll bet the police officer had more than one shot lined up with the scum. But the bullets got hung up in the rear door and seats. More likely the seats. The rear door is made of aluminum. I think its a little unfair to say he "missed" 13 times.
The interior of a vehicle this size is mostly empty space. The driver occupies probably less than 13% of the available seating space. So your odds of making a hit on the driver (vs vehicle) are much lower. The good news here is that the Lincoln Navigator's large rear window offers unfettered access once the first round shatters it. One of Jessop's round fatally wounded Davis. Given the low light, fleeing vehicle and some serious adrenaline-pumping >pucker< factor going on, I'd say he did alright.
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