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I never thought about it before, but yeah, cops should never carry their light in their dominant hand. Most apparently don't know this.

I think it's harder to get handgun rounds into a car than most people think. Self-defense rounds aren't very good at penetrating hard stuff. When you look at the thin sheet metal cars are made of you would think a bullet would go through 10 layers of it. But it doesn't.

Some jerk fired a shot into my wife's grandmother's car. The bullet enter the right rear quarter panel at a slight angle. The bullet was laying in the trunk. After penetrating just two layers of sheet metal it didn't have enough energy to exit the trunk or damage anything.

I'll bet the police officer had more than one shot lined up with the scum. But the bullets got hung up in the rear door and seats. More likely the seats. The rear door is made of aluminum. I think its a little unfair to say he "missed" 13 times.

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