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00 Spy: Yes, and no.. I think from reading the other educated comments here that we are both right on various points. Let me try to clarify.. approach keeping the body behind the B-pillar, and leaning forward to view the lap and find the hands. Once that visual inspection has been made, take a step foward keeping your right hand on or near your pistol, but keeping the pistol away from the window opening. Approach would be slightly different for a lefty, where the benefit is his weapon is on the opposite side of the body.
This will NOT give you a better view of the revolver being drawn than being where the officer was and looking down in which you claimed. It may be safer, but the suspect is still able to shield from view quite a bit.

Quote: seems as though the officer is standing rather far forward, in front of the van window. Although depth is hard to judge. If the officer had been standing farther back, close to the rear of the door, it probably would have put him in a better position to see the revolver being drawn,
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