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Good post Bill.

Another thing that could have saved him would have been to watch the guys hands. The hands are what kill, not the eyes.
Yeah, hands, not the face... not your radio (he messed with his)... and not the drivers license. Of course, you know he was thinking "just another DUI" and was probably looking at the eyes and smelling the breath.

That being said, I'm sure most of officers have done the same thing, probably hundreds or thousands of times.

I wonder what caliber the officer's handgun was. To make a kill shot from behind the fleeing truck through glass, etc. is amazing to me.
It shouldn't really surprise you much. Sheetmetal and glass can be penetrated by almost any round.

There is a video out there somewhere showing some penetration tests of cars. Even rounds that pass through the front end (but miss the engine block) will likely penetrate the cab completely and often exit the sheetmetal of the trunk. There are exceptions, certain reinforced pieces of the subframe or whatever you call those thicker areas of the unibody.

Bottom line: Cars are concealment, not cover.

That being said, many people, even trained personnel don't necessarily know that. I've seen this demonstrated in simunition training. The bad guy will jump in a car and the officers will often try to move to a position to get a shot through the side glass or whatever, even though their handguns would fairly easily penetrate the body.
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