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KNIGHT: Yes, I have considered Akido. I really need to go observe a class or two to get a better idea of what it's about, but I'm certainly open to that. A local sensei here in Leavenworth, KS teaches Akido, along with other disciplines.
Spartacus, Britt and Mikey: Thanks again for the good advice...I'll start working the KC metro websites for more info too. Spartacus, I understand your point about the colored's just that when I was studying Tang Soo Do by the time you achieved Red Belt rank (same as Brown Belt in Japanese/Okinawan arts), you were pretty good in terms of flexibility, speed, and crisp execution of technique. The Brown Belt I saw while observing the class in question the other day looked about like he had yellow or green belt level skills...nothing more. For me, a possible indication of people being promoted before they're ready. I don't want to study with someone who may do that in an attempt to attract students to his dojo/dojang.
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