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For me the Dillon 550 was a waste of time. I need to check the primer depth and the powder levels in all the cases in a reloading block so I am comparing one to those around it. The Dillon would shake the brass when I advanced it so much that powder would com out of the cases and spill on the deck. I went back to my RCBS Rock Chucker and sold the Dillon cheap. I may be a bit more concerned about each step along the way and double checking my ammo but it has worked for me for over 45 years. I have a written process that I use and follow so I always get good results. When I was shooting Hunters Pistol Silhouette I was loading over 10000 357 rounds a year for my 357 loading and firing around 200 rounds a week. That only takes two to three hours a week. I was also loading 45 ACP, 357 Maximum, 308 and 30-06 on top of that. It is easy with a single stage press and a good plan.
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