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I have three Dillon powder measures and at least a dozen caliber conversion kits for the rounds I shoot most (many base plates use several different cartridges) for the 550B. Just as an example of their accuracy and consistency, at least with BLC-2, I chronographed some 30.06 out of an International Harvester M1 Garand from DCM. 147 gr hardball, 2800fps average for five shots. Extreme spread of 31. Standard deviation was something like 6. MOA groups. Average loads out of the Dillon, nothing special or fancy. When I make hunting loads for my Remington 700, and hand weigh and then trickle charge to final exact weigh each charge, they don't do any better than loads whipped out of the Dillon at the rate of three hundred an hour. Dillon makes really good stuff, and if you don't like something, they'll fix it or replace it for free. Heck, I accidentally smashed a small pistol primer tube, called them up for a new one, and they sent me three, plus three more large primer tubes. Free. In two days. Best customer service in the business, I think. Ruger, too, just yesterday mailed me free a part I lost, and that's not the first time. BTW, at last count I load about sixteen different rounds on my Dillon, and my son loads a different 12 or so on his. We don't weigh charges. Set the measure and go. I used to weigh every tenth charge, then every twenty, then every hundred a couple times and finally gave up. Weigh the first charge or two at the beginning of each session then crank up the tunes and get to making ammo.
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