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Question on Dillon 550

I am looking, after 15 years reloading on a RCBS Rockchucker, getting a semi-progressive press. The problem I have is that I am somewhat anal about powder charges and like to keep them as accurate as possible - therefore I still want to measure and pour the charges by hand.

If I understand it correctly the Dillon BL 550 allows one to reload by manually indexing the base plate and allows one to measure and load the powder through a funnel on the press. I think I would add the on the press priming though.

So would BL 550 allow me to do what I'm looking for - I would load 45acp, 300 Blackout (supersonic and subsonic), and .223. I"ll keep my .308 on the Rockchucker.

Thanks for any feedback or recommendations for additional accessories such as extra tool heads, cartridge conversions, etc.....
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