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I generally don't look to a 10 year old child's fear of "bad guys" for decisions about firearms or OPSEC. Why is your son so paranoid in the first place? Seemingly he picks up up your behavior. No way to live a life. If you are not geeked-up to condition orange when you are wearing a hand gun, then you do not understand the whole Cooper condition scheme. I for one would like to relax at home. Therefore, I have fences, dogs, lights, barriers, etc. Common sense.
Nor do I. He picks up on the evils in our world because a couple of home invasions happen nearby - like 1 mile or so. We've had guys working in twos trying to con their way into homes in our development. We do talk about it at the dinner table. If that is feeding a 10 YO's paranoia, so be it. At least my boys are armed with knowledge.

I live in a decent development, however, crap is only a mile or so away. No, I can't move. I really would like to but their mom is less than a mile away and she ain't moving. I would also lose about $100K on the house.

No, I am not "geeked-up" to condition orange when I wear a gun. I wear a gun because I prefer not to be in condition orange at home. I too, have fences, lights, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, security bars, & dead-bolts in addition to firearms. Yes, it is common sense. Remember, we all live in different worlds. Some more different than others.
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