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This thread is getting a little off topic. I didn't want this to turn into a carry at home debate.

If you carry at home: awesome!
If you don't carry at home: awesome!

Just do what you think is best for you, whether someone thinks it is aberrational behavior or not.

Back on topic:
My wife and I discussed this at length last night. She understands my concerns and she said that she needs to work on dealing with strangers. She told the guy that I was not at home and she kicked herself immediately after she said it to him. She realized that statement could have put her in danger.

I said earlier that I don't feel any dog should be used for protection and last night my wife said she wants a big dog. lol.

She feels that a large dog would be more of a deterrent to a would be criminal, and while I agree with that I still don't want my dog in harms way.

She wants to wait until our daughter is born and a few years old before we even consider getting another dog. Until then I hope we can work on her SA and get her more comfortable with the idea of firing a gun at an intruder.
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