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On one of my 10 22s I have one of these:

Absolutely love this scope. 4-16AO scope that is right on the money!

I originally had this scope (which I purchased used from Warbirdlover - a great guy to do business with) mounted on one of my target rifles in .223. Best three shot group with that set up at 100 yards was 0.21".

On my highly modified 10 22 it shoots one hole all day long at 25 - 50 yards.

On my most recent 10 22 purchase (still completely stock) I was looking for fast handling so I put this red dot on:
I shoot out to 125 yards regularly with this set up with decent accuracy; and much quicker target acquisition and rounds down range.

Two totally different approaches to optics for a 10 22 for two very different applications. Both are a lot of fun, just different.
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